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We Hand Make Classic Auto 'N' Truck Flat Glass

All of our Flat Auto, Truck and Big Rig glass is hand made from original factory patterns by us.  Your car was made by American hands using exact factory patterns, demand the same from your replacement parts.

We have classic auto glass, Steele gaskets, rubber, felts, seals and window channels for vintage antique classic autos and trucks.  We can also locate most curved and V-bend auto and truck windshields, doors, vents, quarters and back glass replacement parts. Call us at (530) 626-6923



We have original flat classic auto glass patterns for your antique classic autos and trucks from the 1920's through the 1970's.  We have patterns for the following auto makers: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, De Soto, Diamond T, Dodge, Federal, Ford, G.M.C., Graham, Hudson, International, Lafayette, La Salle, Lincoln, Mercury, Nash, Oldsmobile, Packard, Plymouth, Pontiac, REO, Studebaker, Terraplane, White Indiana, Willys, Zepher, Frazer, Kaiser, Mack, Mercury, Meteor, and Monarch to name a few.  Our patterns allow us to make replacement windshields, doors, vents, quarters and back glass parts to original factory specs.

SAVE 25% when you buy a flat glass Kit >>> Complete Flat Glass Kit pricing reflects a 25% savings off the price of individual parts.
1-pc V-bend classic auto glass windshields and gasket kits are available for Chevy's, Ford's, Oldsmobile's, Buick's, Pontiac's, Chrysler's, De Soto's, Dodge's, GM's, and Mercury's. We also offer a large selection of hard to find and reproduction curved classic auto glass windshields, doors, vents, quarters and back glasses.


Our database provides a way for you to locate flat, curved and one piece V-bend classic auto glass replacement windshields for classic cars and classic trucks from the 1920's through the 1970's. The price of curved classic auto glass can vary greatly depending on availability and which vendor is supplying the part. In some cases to get all the curved classic auto glass parts in the colors you desire; multiple vendors will be used to complete your orders. If you can not find the classic auto glass you need; call us at (530) 626-6923 and we will try our best to locate it.


To search our database of classic auto glass you will need to find out as many of the following items as you can about your classic auto: make, year, body, style, model, series, type, and job number. These can be found by checking the engine compartment firewall and wheel well, glove box, and/or door jamb. 

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