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1958 Studebaker Models

Below is a list of 1958 Studebaker Models we have Classic Auto Glass Parts for. Click on your model to see what parts are available.

1958 Studebaker COUPE - 2 Door - (Hawk)-5 Pass. Models 16G-C, 6H-C, 56B-C3, 56G-C3, 57G-C3, 58G-C3, 58B-C3, 58H-C3, SC-6, VC-6 Parts
1958 Studebaker COUPE - 2 Door - Hardtop Models 16G-K, 6H-K, 56G-K, 56B-K7, 56J-K7, 57G-K, 57B-K7, 57J-K7 58H-K7 Parts
1958 Studebaker HARDTOP - 2 Door - Model 58J4, 58JB, 58HJ6 Parts
1958 Studebaker LAND CRUISER - 4 Door - Model 4D, 6H-Y5, 56H-Y6, 57H-Y, 58H-Y Parts
1958 Studebaker LAND CRUISER - 4 Door - Model 6H-Y3, Parts
1958 Studebaker SEDAN - 2 Door - (Lark) -Models 16G-F, 56B-F2, 56B-F4, 56B-F6, 56G-F2, 56G-F4, 57G-F2, 57G-F4, 57B-F4, 57B-F6, 58F-1 58G-F4, 58B-F4, SF-4, VF-4 Parts
1958 Studebaker SEDAN - 4 Door - (Lark)-Models 16G-W, 56B-W2, 56B-W4, 56B-W6, 56G-W2, 56G-W4, 56G-W6, 57G-W2, 57G-W4, 57G-W6, 57B-W2, 57B-W4, 57B-W6, 58W-1 58G-W4, 58B-W4, SW-4, SW-5, SW-6, VW-4, VW-6 Parts
1958 Studebaker STATION WAGON - 2 Door - (Lark)-Models 16G-D, 56B-D-4, 56B-D6, 56G-D4, 57B-D4, 57-B-D6, 58-D1, SD-4, SD6, VD4, VD6 Parts
1958 Studebaker STATION WAGON - 4 Door - Model 57G-P, 57B-P, 57H-P, 58-G-P4, 58B-P4 Parts

To search our database for classic auto glass parts you will need to find out as many of the following items as you can about your classic auto: make, year, body, style, model, series, type and or job number. These can be found by checking the engine compartment firewall, wheel well, glove box, and/or door jamb. Most of the Mopar's (Dodge, DeSoto, Chrysler, Plymouth), International Trucks and Big Rigs in general are dificult at best to reference. If you are unable to determine which parts you need call us at 530-626-6923 and leave a detailed message if know one is available to answer the phone when you call.