Oldsmobile Truck Glass

6091939Oldsmobile TruckCOUPE PICKUP Model F, Series 60-Style No 39-3517P
6081939Oldsmobile TruckSEDAN DELIVERY Model F, Series 60-Style No 39-3571
6111940Oldsmobile TruckCOUPE PICKUP, Series 60-Style No 40-3517P
6101940Oldsmobile TruckSEDAN DELIVERY, Series 60-Style No 40-3571
6131941Oldsmobile TruckCOUPE PICKUP, Special Series 66, 68 Style No 41-3517P
6121941Oldsmobile TruckSEDAN DELIVERY, Special Series 66, 68 Style No 41-3571
44181942Oldsmobile TruckCOUPE PICKUP Special Series 66 & 68 Style No 42-3517P & 42-3527P
44171942Oldsmobile TruckSEDAN DELIVERY Special Series 66 & 88 Style No 3571
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