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About Us

The owner of The Glass Man, Nicholas Ligouri, has been in the glass industry since 1987 and self-employed since 1995. As a glazer he specializes in classic cars, and is certified in autoglass replacement safety standards (AGRSS). Running his shop in Placerville, California, Nicholas and his staff provide local service in addition to shipping glass products across the country and worldwide.


His brother, Anthony Liguori constructed the data base and business applications for this website while studying for his Bachelor's degree in Management of Information Systems at Sacramento State. What started as a class project and Nicholas's desire to have a computer application to look up parts, became the website you see today.


Laminated Flat Glass


Using heat and pressure, flat laminated safety glass is created by bonding two pieces of glass together with either a layer of plastic or resin. As a result, laminated glass must be cut using a three-step process to cut each piece of glass and the laminate holding them together. The advantage that laminated glass creates is that when and if it is broken, the glass continues to hold together, minimizing the possibility of injury from sharp shards. Also, unlike tempered glass that shatters completely when broken in a phenomenon known as "dicing," laminated glass can be placed in any vehicle window, including the windshield.


If it's colored glass you are looking for, with laminated glass the tinting of the window is in the laminate. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the color fading, peeling, scratching or chipping.