At The Glass Man
we take pride in every
piece of flat glass
we manufacture
for your auto.

LOOK UP PARTS Select the make, year, and body style of your car in the three drop down menus. After you have selected all three, a chart will appear with the various series, types, and jobs for that model. Choose the model that best describes your vehicle. PUTTING PARTS IN YOUR BASKET A list of glass parts will appear in a table. When you start selecting parts, if there are two of the same parts listed, i.e. two different door pieces, specific information will be displayed here to help you decide which part to order. If you wish to adjust something in your cart, select it, adjust it and press the "Change" button. If you wish to remove it, simply select it and press the "Delete" button. Each time you select an item, another page will appear that lists the item's description, the availability of the part, and fields where you can select the quantity and color of the part you are ordering. AVAILABILITY WE HAVE THE PATTERN - If we have a pattern for the part selected, pick a color, and the quantity; then press the "Add" button to add it to your cart. WE DO NOT HAVE THE PATTERN - If we do not have the pattern we will locate the flat glass part for you. Or if you still have your old glass or a pattern and wish to send it to us, press the "Add" button to add it to your cart. We will contact you to discuss the details. THE PART IS CURVED - If the part you selected is curved glass, prices and color options will be offered if it is available. If it is not offered and you would like to know how much it costs press the "Add" button to add it to your cart. We have several vendors that drop ship curved parts and we can find out the availability, color, and prices for you. If you wish to view your shopping cart at any time, click "View Shopping Cart"